Custom Design Your Ring

custom_ringBe prepared to take notes. Snuggle up with your loved one while she is reading a magazine, and an engagement ring advertisement is surely just a page away!

Take note of what she says. If she loves a particular engagement ring, grab the magazine later and bring the picture to us and we will make the ring for you! It’s really that simple. Plus, you’ll save thousands of dollars because we don’t charge you the brand name mark ups. Now that’s smart shopping.

Come into our showroom and look around. We will have a huge variety of styles to choose from! We can adjust the rings to any specifications:

  • Thinner/ thicker
  • Larger/ smaller
  • More diamonds/ less diamonds
  • Larger diamond or smaller diamonds, or
  • Shaped to your standards

We will custom design the ring for you!

At Charlotte Jewelers and Custom Design, you’ll get the perfect engagement ring you’ve been looking for.