Avoid Costly Mistakes

Comparing Price Not Quality

Shopping for engagement rings is a detailed process. The odds are you will visit a number of jewelery stores in hopes of finding the ring your loved one desires. Have you ever noticed the considerable price difference between two seemingly comparable rings? Why is one store so much more expensive than the other?

There is a lot more to the price of an engagement ring than the carat weight of diamonds.

You have to consider the 4 C’s of diamonds:

  • Carat
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Cut

You should also consider:

  • Getting a ring made in10k, 14k or 19k gold, or platinum will also have an impact on the price of your engagement ring.
  • Some diamond shapes vary in price
  • Brand names have premium pricing because of limited availability

Make sure you have considered the above factors when comparing price.

Not Knowing How Carat Affects Value

Another common mistake people often make is not understanding the term “total carat weight”. When a jeweler tells you that a ring is a “1 carat ring”, always ask if he is referring to the total carat weight or just the centre diamond.

Let’s say an engagement ring has a total of 11 diamonds. It consists of one centre stone, two side stones and four small diamonds running up each side of the band.

Let’s say the Total Carat Weight is 1 carat. Here’s an example of what the sizes of each of the stones could be:

Centre Stone – 0.4 carat

Two Side Stones – 0.2 X 2 = 0.4 carat

Eight small stones – 0.025 X 8 = 0.2 carat

If you compare this example with a 1 carat solitaire diamond ring (1 larger diamond) the solitaire would cost more. Why? Larger diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds.

At Charlotte Jewelers and Custom Design we can design a ring any way you want and you don’t have to settle for only what’s available in our showcases. We do have engagement rings ready to go but if you’re looking for a certain design we have many samples to look at. We can always

  • Make the band thicker or thinner
  • Change the metal to white, yellow, rose gold (or a combination) or even platinum
  • Change the diamond size and shape
  • Raise or lower the height of the setting