How To Maintain Your Jewelery


Ensure the setting is intact and strong. A loose setting will allow any diamond or gem to fall out. After time, the claws can be worn down because of wear and tear. To ensure longevity, bring in your ring annually for an inspection.


Over time, the links in your bracelet can wear down. The links can rub against each other causing wear and tear.


Sometimes the clasp on a necklace can wear down and lose its strength to hold. Always make sure that your clasp is strong.


Hoop earrings with clips may loose tension from constant use. Check to ensure the clips are still tense. With stud earrings, the backings may lose their tightness. Always make sure they don’t lose their grip on the earring.


Watches are very intricate devices. With all of the tiny pieces that make up a watch it is wise to clean the internal mechanics free of dust and dirt every 3 years.